NVSL Written Submissions


Mr. Chairman, on behalf of the Sierra Leonean youths, kindly renders me the opportunity to represent the youths in crises and present our views to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

All warring factions deliberately targeted civilians, with youth disproportionately devastated by the brutal war. They were recruited by fighting forces in contravention of the laws of war, and the convention on the rights of the child to carryout the fiercest parts of battle. Youths were both victims and perpetrators of mass maiming, killing, assault and rape.

As a result young people have been exposed to experience that defy all social and cultural norms in Sierra Leone. The parts played by the youths in the war and the direct effects it has had on their lives had dramatically change their role in society. Most youths suffered human rights violations during the war, and some now face homelessness and crushing poverty, while lacking parental support, education or jobs. Because of these obstacles, the Sierra Leonean youths demand to have their voices heard, even though this war was not traditionally acceptable.

Sierra Leone youths are asking the government to include them and their ideas in the rebuilding of their society. The government of Sierra Leone and politicians in particular, must taken immediate steps to incorporate youth’s rights into their daily work. Government officials should also prioritize education and skills training with practical applications for young people through development initiatives that account for their rights and capacities.

Now that the booming sounds of guns, the shilling noises of insects, the roaring voices of lions have vanished away we should now pray to Almighty God that the situation shall remain like that from time to time. 

The question here is “how do we maintain this new found peace and to ensure that such a horrible nightmare does not befall this nation again. The principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission have to be exercised in a full swing, as the youths strongly believe in the exercise.

We want to picture Sierra Leone to a new model life. Let the leaders of this Nation released there past mistakes. That is the leaders adamant and refusal to implement Economic and political reforms.

The Government should continue to be vital to the global economy and continue to implement economic regimes, reducing tariffs, rationalizing exchange rates ending subsidies and stabilizing currency.

Adopting these measures, Sierra Leone will be ours in the circle of peace.

The poor are the most vulnerable in question, fact of which the Government is full aware and do not need to be reminded. What needs to be done, however, if for the poor to be given a new face in life.

“Better Sierra Leone Tomorrow.” How are we to achieve this goal? The Government has to answer this big question for us. Well Papa President, for us to see this nation on better scale of living conditions tomorrow, kindly take the measures to pay great attention to top priorities of our concern to this nation. Find solutions in solving the following issues for a better future.

These are as follows:


a. EDUCATION:  Education is regarded as a one of the top priority, which the Sierra Leonean youths are raising concern, for the government to focus so as to bring this nation to the table of development. Educational opportunity is the key solution to poverty and a wild range of problems we are now facing today. This prominence of education in the thoughts of young people reflects both politicization of education in the conflict and it force as a healing power.

b. MEDICAL FACILITY: The Government of Sierra Leone needs to upgrade health care provision. The patients in the major hospitals in Freetown and in rural areas needs a lot of looking after even though the hospitals are functioning again after the period of ten (10) years civil war, but yet still the patients are providing their own bedding. Furthermore, relatives are expected to do much of the basic nursing care. This is the conditions we have to change entirely, so as to have a better Sierra Leone.

c. AGRICULTURE: Food crises in the major problems facing this nation today. The rise of rice, which is our main staple food, have rises to only the demand of wealthy homes. The poor are suffering and about 75% of the population are dyeing of hunger. The leaders concern wakes up to see to see that we all join hands together to fight against this food crises. Imagine the vast uncultivated lands we have in Sierra Leone, these lands are very productive, but has t utilize through the help of the government. Be sure to provide tools for these farming activities, so that sufficient food will be here for us and even exported elsewhere. Sufficient agricultural product will lead this nation to a happy life tomorrow.

d. UNEMPLOYMENT: Job opportunities for the youths will be another main goal to achieve, in terms development and progress for a better Sierra Leone tomorrow. In this issue the government have to pay great attention to provide training institutes for the youths is as to minimize unemployment. The successful result of this method will make the youths to become useful in their communities, keeping them far away from idleness.

e. SECURITY MECHANISM: The mechanism of good security have to be increased by the government pretty soon, UNAMSIL peace keeping force will soon leave Sierra Leone in our hands of operation. Generally know to everybody, the role of a security in a country is to protect lives and properties. For this reason, inorder for this nation to be placed on the board of peace and protection for tomorrow, the government has to do his best to increase skilful mechanism on the security forces of this nation before we can reach this point of time.

f. RELIGIOUS PRACTICES: God almighty is the creator of everything in the universe. He is mater of all acts, be it evil or good. Therefore religion is the main pillar to success. We all have to pray for this nation, for better living conditions tomorrow. But how are we going to put this prayers in good practice, the government has to give support to being nation to a better stage. This is done by providing good buildings for worship, for both Islamic and Christianity, which is commonest method of worshiping God in this nation. Model mosques and churches have to be building, and also make religion as an obvious activity for everybody.

g. CULTURAL ACTS: Cultural practices have to be encouraged, as this brings the nation together on the bases of happiness. It also brings peace between individuals and groups. It also encourages the victims to forgive their perpetrators for the past suffering, which took place during the ten (10) years civil war.

h. SPORTS: The essence of sports is to maintain peace and unity among individuals, communities, and ethnic groups home and abroad. More especially in terms of social activities. For Sierra Leone to maintain these standards, sport fans of this nation has to be encouraged by the government, so as to get a unique quality for a better Sierra Leone.