NVSL Written Submissions


Sierra today there is one important gift of God to man that we lack in implementing. That is “Love” and “Care” for our fellow man, especially our Brother and Sisters. We have allowed ourselves to let go from the true love for our fellow human. But it never to late to every the down ward trend.

In a bid to foster peace, tranquility and reconciliation in mother Sierra Leone, we must recognize the world love to a perfect understanding, and then all work to get it back. Sierra Leone should love one another, taking into consideration, the meaning of love and remembering the ten years catastrophe. It’s defined in several ways, but with reference to my topic above. Lover can be defined as a strong affection based on admiration or benevolence to fell in a lovers passion, devotion or tenderness for one another.

Taking back our understanding in a Christian religious view. We can say God is Love” This has always been the character of God. It is a mistake to think that the God of the Old Testament could not be described in this way. One of the moving testimonies to God’s love in the whole bible is by the prophet Hosea. God’s love was the reason why he chose and cared for the people of Israel. In return, God’s people were expected to love him with their whole been and show a similar love to their fellow men (human Being).

Both the New Testament “lover” sometimes translates the usual Greek work for Love, phyla. This means “intimate affection however, is the word agape used to describe self-given love seen above all in Christ. Love from every Sierra Leone is infact the mark of God’s presence in the of every Christian. If we have love for one another, Jesus says, then everyone will know that you are my disciples! It is from Love that we see MERCY, which refers, to God loving patience with the people (Israel) his kindness and readiness to for give. “MERCY” is also a loving pity for those in need.

So in other for Sierra Leoneans how to love one another, the following steps should be taken in to consideration namely: Parents should show love and practice discipline to their children at home encourage in them high amount of moral ethic, be you Christian or Muslim, bearing in mind that, they way you behave, the love and care shows at home is the love they will take to the street, and more importantly parents relationship with their neighbours counts a lot. The languages use including the kind of relationship some time is not approachable. Back beating, selfishness, hatred and envious attitude are widely spread among neighbours caused by our parents. This can never consolidate love neither peace. Instead, it’s brought problems. This needs to be over sighted. If parent love their children and  educate then how to love one another, they too will not grow up to be bad children, because of the good example by parents.

More importantly, children need to be educated by parents and large help coming from Government, then the children getting to youth age, will feel belong and will have the weakness of loyalty to their parents, community and the nation Sierra Leone. My focus is centered on children, because there is a saying that “it is better to build up a child then to repair a man for if all best encouragement is given to ex-fighter and perpetrators forgetting to train up the present and future generation with education which embodies, peace, lover unity, responsible, tranquility forgiveness, acceptance an affection. Well nothing will have been done. For any nation, love is the master key for development, peace and unity, for example, the united state, china, the Gambia and our sister country Nigeria demonstrate great lover for their follow citizen. That is one root cause that is elevating their nation every day, while we are just spreading at the bottom of the global index.

It is only by love that children can become good leaders of the future. You agree with me, that it is as a result of lack of control of children by parents, that they fail to have the fear of God and respect for elder that led the fighter to commit gross violation of human dignity against elders before the war, during the war and even after the war. Lover can be highlighted again in most verses in the Bible and even in the Koran, as how God and man shower lover to each other. For instance, in 1 Corinthians 13:4-10 shows that with love there is no failure. In psalms 89:33 shows the loving kindness, also the unity of the body (eph li: 1-6), John 1:4-6 these are all verses of how God and man showed love to each other. There is no time for parent to call their children at home and allow them to share common ideas foe a clear understanding, showing a motherly love of feeling. Today! We are suffering because of not getting love for ourselves.

One quality of a good relationship with other I love, and a good relationship could best to be maintained when there is mutual love for one another. Where there is lover for one another, we keep away from all ugly acts like envy, selfishness, hypocrisy, suspicion, greed and apathy, if we want to love one another, we should not always be the receiver, rather we should learn to give out and to share with others, w should aid our neighbour in time of trouble. For instance, if your neighbour’s house catches firs, you should help him or her to put it out, when you friend falls sick you should visit him give him/her condolence. Even if a blind man visits your house and ask for help, give it out freely for God loves a cheerful giver. Do not despise other because they are poor or illiterate either because you are in power or politician. We should not laugh at people who are physically handicapped. Instead we must show to the elders and even your equals. One should participate in all normal activities, so far as it concerns us, one should not steal, other people’s property. Let the past be our heritage, the present our responsibility as Sierra Leonean and the future our all challenge.

I strongly believe to love one another is to first correct these mistakes by knowing what is LOVE from the Biblical view and from the grass root. I mean from the home training to the neighbour, community, schools, colleges unto officers. Because, of the present catastrophe in our motherland. As we find ways to apprehend this anarchy. Let the word love reach all Sierra Leoneans through awareness raising programs for we are perishing because of lack of knowledge and understanding. And the best way it can be done is through reconciliation in the interest of lasting peace tranquility and love.

The thing I would have most like to have learnt at school is “how Sierra Leoneans can love one another” for we have completely suffered for lack of love for one another. From politician to civil servant, from civil servant to the law house, from the street to the community, from community to  school on to the homes. We find it difficult to have compassion for our brother, this has contributed to corruption which is now the order of the day, civil strict and disobedience onto rebel, destruction of properties and lost of life.

Finally I am with the strong belief that Sierra Leoneans will love one another through mass literacy and basic education.

It is only with love that a nation can grow and develop. Even history can tells us that, ancient cities or countries fell because of the lack of love and unity. Let us remember that. Divided we shall fall and united we shall stand. I wish our Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad a lasting peace love unity, tranquility and upon it all the spirit of FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE, HONESTY FREEDOM FROM CORRUPTION, FEEDOM FROM ENVY, FREEDOM FROM JEALOUSY AND THE PERFECT RECONCILIATION,. Let us be free in mind and to love what we have. Take car of what we have looked forward to seeing a brighter future coming for LAND THAT WE LOVE SIERRA LEONE


Our future will have not pity for those who, possessing the exceptional privilege to being able to speak words of truth to their oppressors, have taken refuge in an attitude of passivity, of mute indifference, and sometimes of cold complicity, let the past be our heritage, the present be our responsibility and our future to be our all challenge.


Wi es yu hay p, land  di fri
Di we wi lek yu In smI
Wit wan wd wi tinap, so te go
F land we wi so lek wi yon sa lon,
Wi pul; vis en tlk wtin de na wi hat den ill en den vali go ansa wi cry
Blesin en pis go de, so te go,
Land we wi lek wi yon sl lon.


High we exalt thee, realm of the free
Great is the love we have for the
Firmly united, ever we stand

Singing the praise, o native land
We raise up or heart and our voices on high
The hills the valley re-ec-echo our cry
Blessing and peace be ever thine own
Land that we love our Sierra Leone


What makes us strong?
Our beliefs as Sierra Leoneans
What makes us whole?
Or God in heaven
What makes us honest?
Our integrity
What sustains our mind/
Our quest for knowledge
What teachers us, lessons?
Our mistakes
What lifts our head high?
Our pride
What if we can’t go now?
Not and option
What makes us victorious?
Our courage to climb
What makes us competent?
Our confidence
What keeps us united?
Our selflessness
What makes us black?
Our heart
What holds us together?
Our culture
What empowers us?
Our God and Ourselves
Who are we???
We are blacks

By Daniel Roland J Rhodes
Age 20 years
Student: B.Th Two
Sierra Leone Theological College
Wesley Street
P.M. Bag 378
Sierra Leone