NVSL Written Submissions


Setting Examples

It is said that the example must be set from the top

What if those at the top cannot set the example? What if our leaders are not
capable of acting selflessly in the service of other?

Then the example must be set for them
The example must be set by us
We will be the example

We do not pretend to be above everything. We have no desire to rule and
Dominate. We have no desire to live our lives at the expense of others.

We will set the example in our homes, in our schools and colleges; in our work
Places; and n our every day lives.

It is from within ourselves that we will find the courage, the inspiration and the
Energy to build Sierra Leone into a proud and prosperous nation.

We will do so – not by grabbing what we can get for ourselves – but by acting
With resolve and integrity

We will not look to our so-called leaders
We will look to ourselves



The teacher who compels scholars to take ‘extra lesson’ in order to obtain a pass mark destroys this country

The university professor who overlooks work of merit until he is ‘compensated’ destroys this country

The police officer who concocts charges and then extorts money for the dropping of the charges destroys this country

The head of department who employs his friends and family destroys this country

The manager who discriminates against employees who are not members of his ethnic group destroys this country

The civil servant who goes to work only to sit and chat all day destroys this country

The cabinet minister who uses his position to secure deals for himself, his friends and family destroys this country

The president who pays lip service to the noble causes he preaches destroys this country

The prison officer who assaults and abuses his prisoners destroys this country

The finance officer who used his position to fleece his organization of funds destroys this country

The aid worker who diverts resources away from the intended beneficiaries for his own gain destroys this country

            We are destroying our country.

        What will it take for us to respect each other?

        What will it take for us to respect ourselves?