NVSL Written Submissions


History has proved that bad government anywhere in the World can be a recipe for disaster in any society regardless of where it is located on earth. it happened in France during the reign of the Monarchy. The United States of America was not spared the menace of bad governance when it was a colony of the British Empire. Sierra Leone also in the recent past had it own taste of this canker worm.

All the requisite requirement that was necessary to make these societies a better place to live in were unscrupulously abused with impunity.

Taken into cognizance this backdrop, in order to make Sierra Leone a better place to live in, is to escape the shackles or trappings of such autocratic regimes by taken into consideration the following points:

Firstly, vibrant democratic institutions should be properly nurtured and embedded into the blood stream of the Sierra Leonean society. Since charity begins at home, it is imperative that this practice commence form home. Children or young people should be permitted with alacrity to express their view or opinions on issues freely without fear of been victimized or being at the mercy of their parents. The adage that says children are to be seen and not to be heard should now be a thing of the past if we are really serious about pushing this country forward. If this simple but extremely important task is accomplished in every home, it would go a long way to change the attitude of Sierra Leoneans even in terms of national politics because the spirit of accommodation would  have been instilled in them form the word go. The significance about entrenching this democratic institutions is to ensure the smooth change of Government without hindrance or chaos which in normally the case where this is lacking.

Secondly, the judicial arm of Government should be rigidly independent and freed from interference from the other arms of Governments. In this regard therefore, the judiciary should ensure that the Rule of Law is firmly enforced without fear or favour. The abuse of this cardinal function of the judiciary doctrine has been responsible for most of the upheavals occurring in the sub-region. Everyone therefore must be equal before the law irrespective of his or her status in society. For example if a Minister fails to pay tax he should b meted out the same punishment as the grass cutter who falls short of such expectation. Prejudice should not be entertained at any given point in time. With the Judiciary functioning effectively without fear or favour and devoid of the diabolical interference of Government, the confidence of the people in their Government would be built immensely and even send shock eaves to those who are corrupt.

Thirdly, regionalism and tribalism should be a thing of the past. When we begin to think about ourselves as Sierra Leoneans is only can we  make Sierra Leone a better place to live in devoid of ramshackle effect of regionalism and tribalism like in Luanda. If we can over come this menace and work together as Sierra Leoneans, I am sure this country would be taken out of its doldrums and plunged into prosperity.

Fourthly, corruption which has been inculcated and embedded in every fabric of institution in Sierra Leone should be given a death blow and rooted out to the extent that it would seem not to exist at all. Corruption leads to state bankruptcy and shy away investors who could have otherwise invested and improved the standard of living of the average Sierra Leonean. As MACUS GARVEY rightly stated in the book, Philosophy and Opinion of MACUS GARVEY: A person who steals  from the national coffer is worse than some body who shoots and kills a person, for he is responsible for the suffering of millions of people. And he or she deserves nothing less than execution. The end product of such Malaise is massive popular unrest in the state and sometimes-violent Military coups.

To avert this kind of scenario the government must make it a point of duty to punish very severely anyone who is caught in corrupt practices irrespective of ones rank or status. There should be no partiality and justice must be seen to be done speedily. When this is accomplished, I have no doubt in my mind, that corruption would be dissipated or reduced to its lowest ebb thus paving the way for a flourishing nation were every national would bask in its splendor and shout with a smiling face saying: Ah Sierra Leone is indeed a better place to live in”. When there is no favouritism or nepotism and the average Sierra Leonean could afford a square meal s a day then we can rid the society of “badhartism” one of the root cause of our backward society.

Until and unless the Government of Sierra Leone I genuine, serious and committed to strictly implement and address the issue raised above, it would be difficult of Sierra Leone to be a better place to leave in.

Moreover it is only when the social malaise of unnecessary adjournment of court cases and the philosophy of some human being in Sierra Leone are more equal than others are addressed should we begin to see a ray of hope in this nation.

Lastly, human rights, especially the inalienable right to life, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of association etc, should be highly respected and protected. Arbitrary arrest and imprisonment should not be tolerated. A person found wanting should be brought immediately before the court of law to be proven innocent or guilty before any action is taken. Anything short of this, would be regarded as autocratic and completely against the dreams and vision of a better Sierra Leone in which to live.  



Mother Sierra Leone,
I see you are no more lonely and sad.
Now you are smiling and happy,
And sure good things are happening.

What a blessed mother you are,
With children working conscientiously
To gain your blessing.
To make you look better and pleased.
Bitter with them.

O! Mother, you are glittering and
Flourishing in splendor.
Ah! Look how exquisite and exotic you are.
Surely this change of heart,
By your children to repeat,
And take care of you,
Is performing wonders.

Mother Sierra Leone,
The first child of West Africa,
See your natural gift from God.
Your diamonds, natural resources
All to be tapped by your reformed children.
Are so serene and peaceful.
A solemn promise that these will
Be guided forever and ever.


Sierra Leone, you illustrious daughter of Africa.
O! how enduring and indomitable you are.
O! what a courageous daughter you are.

Your stoic caprices amazed me.
You have stood the test of time.
To the plunder, looting, ravaging and
Perfidy of your children.

But how did you transform yourself into a
Land of milk and honey?
After the bitter and savage treatment
You received form you off springs.
Look how they are basking in your
Splendour now.
Look how happy they are looking now
For having a forgiven mother like you.
Look, hear what they are saying,
They said. “they would never misbehave again”.

This prodigious stride would
Surely vibrate through Africa.
This preternatural step from war,
Abject poverty to peace and prosperity,
Would be emulated in Africa. 

I answered questions on 2 topics.
One is suggest how to make Sierra Leone a better place to live in. The second is suggest poems that symbolize the how Sierra Leone.

Ibrahim S. Jabati
2 George Brook