NVSL Written Submissions


After what one owe to God, nothing should be dear and sacred to him or her then the love and respect for his or her country. Talking of a vision for Sierra Leone, its welfare must be the first concern and who promotes it best, performs his duty best. Therefore patriotism must be the first watch word for all Sierra Leoneans.

One would like to see Sierra Leone free from infants and youths with deadly weapons, weapons they could barely carry. No more roasting of people alive in locked – up houses amidst laughter and jubilation. No more human flesh vultured off their bones. Sierra Leone must be free from hellish bullets condemning lives in their prime of existence.

The basic civil and political liberties should be recognized by the Sierra Leone legal system and contained in the declaration and principles of Human Rights adopted by United Nations and the Organization of African Unity now the African Union, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights must be fully respected and promoted within the Sierra Leoneans Society. This include the right to life and liberty, freedom from tortured the rights to a fair trials, freedom of conscience, expression and association, and the rights to take part in the governance of one’s country.

Sierra Leone is land with abundant minerals. One would like to see the Government of Sierra Leone to exercise full control pf our gold, diamonds and other resources, for the benefit of the people. That all the export of Sierra Leone’s resources be transacted by the Government. And the proceeds from the transaction must be public monies which must be placed in a special treasury account to be spent exclusively on the development of the people of Sierra Leone, with appropriation development and compensation for in capacitated war Victim as well as post – war rehabilitation and reconstruction. Priority must be give to the rural areas.

I would also like to see the Government of Sierra Leone providing compulsory education for the girl child up to basic education certificate (BECE) and West Africa Secondary School Certificate (WASSCE). This will develop the human capacity in Sierra Leone. I would like to see Sierra Leonean academics using their knowledge for nation building not for dispensable cosmetic luxury in the face of contacts that is sectionalism, tribalism and nepotism. Education must be a legacy that every future Government of Sierra Leone must provide for her people.

Sierra Leone must be seen to be holding free and fair and free from fear election. There must be an atmosphere of tolerance. The will of the electorate must be respected. No more one part system. The opposition should no longer be intimidated. The constitution of Sierra Leone should be respected. The judges and the Magistrates must respect the laws and not be supportive of any political party. That the law of the land must be like death that spares no one. All Sierra Leoneans must be equal before the law. And the laws this time must be like cloth, it must be made to fit the people that it is meant to serve. No more manipulation of the constitution to suit the Government of the day.

I would also like to see Sierra Leone after the restructuring, composition and training of the new Sierra Leone armed force to be restricted to the barracks. This new army should be loyal solely to the state of Sierra Leone or in time of need to other ECOWAS States. The army must be willing to perform their constitutional role and they should be restricted to border areas and barracks right round the country. And their should be in the armoury.

Given that women have been particularly victimized during the war, special attention must be paid to their needs and potentials in formulation and implementating National Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Development Programmes to enable them to play a central role in the moral, social and physical reconstruction of Sierra Leone.

However, I hope the community more especially the home where character foundation is laid in blank but highly receptive infant had or role to play in achieving the above mentioned aspiration and vision. The home is naturally the beginning of peace. With a good character from the home patriotism and respect for elders in the home, the community and Sierra Leone will develop. I therefore hope that the mosques, churches and the homes, play a positives role in the future of Sierra Leone.

History has taught us that after war a country is left with three armies an army of cripples, an army of mourner’s and army of thieves to avoid these battery of armies in the future Sierra Leone must promote Human Right education throughout the various sectors of the country, including schools, the media, the police, the military and the religious community. I hope to see Human Rights and Civil Society groups in Sierra Leone to be encouraged to help monitor Human Right Violations.