NVSL Written Submissions

Transparency, accountability and rate of progress. We need a government that will not be guided or manipulated by greedy politicians and ill-motivated political parties and groups. We need a government that will provide adequate security for its people and engage in strict law enforcement against crime, the drug smuggling mafia including effective counter terrorism. I pray for a government that will not be intimidated by foreign power in their quest to dominate us politically, economically and socially.

Building modern infrastructure is necessary for our growth as a nation. thing like stadium complexes, larger roads, complex bridges, high-rise buildings, mew ports, new transport facilities like an underground train networks or subways must be introduced. There must be the touch of modernization on every city, town and village.

Our military must continue its ties with the United Kingdom to keep them in robust posture. They should because highly equipped and flexible in their operations. Our troops must be sent around the world to engage in peace enforcement and peace keeping under the United Nations or when our interests or the interests of our allies are threatened.

After all these achievements, there would be a great increase in tourism and most Sierra Leoneans will become self sufficient with appreciable salaries. When the true spirit of Sierra Leone would have been revived, we will do well in all manner of sport like football, athletics, cricket etc. and every other thing will fall into place.

Finally, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will become a Commission to monitor Sierra Leone’s progress and inculcate the spirit of  patriotism, the culture of peace, tolerance and talent cultivation in every Sierra Leonean child so that this vision will continue to live forever. Then  will our beloved nation become the fountain of peace, an epitome of intellectual supremacy, the Athens of West Africa and the land of many blessings Long live oh great nation of the world, our beloved Sierra Leone.

In the not too distant future, Sierra Leone must have risen out of the base of the poverty index to the apex of prosperity. We can become the Dubai of West Africa and another Switzerland. We can create new ports along our coastline and make a free custom duty for all essential goods and foodstuff. Efficiently regulated small and medium scale business loan schemes must be introduced to augment the work of NaCSA and SAPA and to enable indigenous Sierra Leoneans to make worthy investments.

For our economy to take a U-turn, we should embark on a massive agricultural investment, which will revive the produce of cash crop like rice, palm oil, fruit trees etc. for export. We should also create a culture of food sufficiency by planting food and preparing local foodstuffs for every family’s personal consumption. We will need a better mechanism to regulate the export of raw materials from our country and find ways and means to develop these materials into finished products. I want to see a Sierra Leone whose indigenes will invest in the mining and fishing industry.

In education, I envisage a student-friendly educational system where students at all levels will be trained to adopt sharp learning and passing skill in a student friendly environment. There should be a low that will make it mandatory for every for every Sierra Leonean child to attend school up to junior secondary school free of cost. An increased incentive should be given to teacher and lecturers at all levels. The introduction to technology should be taught at an early stage especially computer literacy and information technology. More schools, ultra modern universities and research centers must be built to accommodate the student population, latest learning facilities and infrastructure.

Future health facilities must be modernized to meet international standards. There should be a health complex in every town and city. Modern medical facilities can be set up to conduct sensitive medical operations, observations and research. A facility for the production of antiretroviral drugs should have been in place in the near future. An intensified and sustained AIDS awareness campaign must take root in every city, town and village so as to bring a halt to the spread of this dreadful disease.

I long to see a Sierra Leone whose government is willing to go to whatever length to greatly minimize corruption, uphold the principles of democracy and seek the basic needs of the people.

Written by: Bryan Randall           
British Council Library Member
Address: 27 James Street
Tel: 030218213