NVSL Written Submissions



The nation was devastated by arm of some national mischievous citizen. Saluting guns among their fellow; Boom-bang within their nation. “Like gargling drams echo the stars and between the trees the dark sun appeared.” Brings life down like in narrow dream, cut down hands of people who did work for the nation masses of grave has been the race of achieving the nation’s wealth, is this triumphantly?

Distributed houses of the nation made people depart of their home. Separated children and parent of their relation family not know where to go. Greatly have suffered, greatly have enjoyed. But not you, go proud, impute to these the fault. As if the earth of the nation has bee locked for favour, peace unity and love.

But at last peace reached the nation. The beast of the nation gave arms to rest by the helped of united nation stress. Demobilized the heartless citizen, who know not of their loyal ness. Truth and reconciliation reached the nations; citizen of the nation realized their mistakes pleading to the earth of the nation for forgiveness by cleaning their heart to be honour. Though the nation full of tears that make us never to forget nor to forgive. Give the cause be revenge and never pity. But there we the heart of our emotion; Show us as human being reliable to mistakes, perfect not in our perception.

So the nation should willing it forgiveness for the sake of peace, unity and love. Let virtuous citizen mildly work the street of the nation. As love so much refined in their heart, “That ourselves know not what it is Inter-assured of the mind” Let the nation be in the earth of love.

Our nation is the earth of our relation let no dispute brings man apart of it nation love should always be our priority in the nation so let the nation be in the earth of love.

Our nation should be development with the rise of peace, unity and love. Education should be part of our honour; for the nation child shall say a speakable ward of the lord. Culture and politics should also be respectable in the nation because it leads the nation in higher point of the earth of world.

Trade and industry should be the raising form of the nation. Farmer should plough the soil of the nation planting seed of foods such like rice in glory for hungry should not be monthly of the nation infrastruction of building and roads bring a happy life to the nation. To see their country look like heavenly stone on earth mineral resources should speak the truth of their value in the nation.

      By Abdul K. Kamanda
      61 Upper Brook Street,
      Tel: 221611