NVSL Written Submissions


The vision of Sierra simply mean; how I want my country Sierra Leone to be for the next coming years. Or my speculation for the achievement of Sierra Leone in the futures, these are outline below in the political arena, economically, educationally, legally, public service and religiously.

Firstly the political arena president, ministers honourable, ambassadors and high commissioners etc. The outline eminent personalities are highly responsible for the structuring and the good name of this nation, in that light I will want the people of Sierra Leone to home strong opposition and adviser to the fortunate ruling government who might be succeeded in governing the nation. Apparently to eliminate or prosecute anyone who is finding guilty of fraudulent of mismanaging our resources.

Secondly, in the economical point of view I want my country Sierra to emanate from the acute economical constrain to well develop economy. With that, I will like the people of Sierra Leone to give support to the only corruption and also they should be equip by the government in other for them to carry an adequate research and give our information in all government sector were they may find any ministry that misuse government fund. Like a mines ministry, finance ministry, ministry of foreign affairs etc with all other ministries where government earn income in other to boom the economy and improve the standard of living of each Sierra Leone. Also the government should take strike measure on anyone who is found exploiting our resources and he/she should be taken to court to give an account of is offence by the state.

Furthermore, educationally I will like Sierra Leone to the number one country in the educational field as it was before in the West Africa region. In that view the ministry of education supported by the government should provide an adequate educational facility for the pupils and the student of this nation. With that I will like the government to give free education to all university student in the coming years so the there will be on improvement in the educational field for the next generation, and more graduate in this nation. Nat with standing it will cattail the number of dropout in our society in the long run. In addition to that the government should make source the salaries of teachers is paid on time and also increase their salaries.

Besides, in legal aspect I mean the lawyer, magistrate an judges should be made measure of under this are. The government should appeal to them to stop taking bribe from these whom the may find guilty of offence. Because of the financial position or rather due to political influence and sentiment, the will decided to give wrong to the right person give right to the wrong person due to political connection. I will be very much delighted if government could advise the solicitor in other for them to stop such an act as we are one people and one country, right should be give to whom it may due to.

Moreover, public service such as permanent secretary, deputy secretary, senior assistant secretary, Assistant secretary and professional heads. I will like the government to give strike warning to those whom may own this position that their purpose of handling this position is to serve the nation. Contrarily, I may want then to work accordingly with their ministers, depute secretary for the benefit of the country. Also as I am visualizing Sierra Leone to be the number one country in development in West Africa, with that I will like to inform all the public service worker for them to bear that in mind their main objective is to render service to the nation and to work in the interest of the country. I will be oblarge if the work accordingly to the rules and regulation for the coming years.  

Finally, religious such as Christian and must in both the reverent chaplains choir master and Imams, I will like to see coordination between the Muslim and the Christian. In the nutshell I want the antireligious cancel to support both the two religion in other of them to carry the work efficiently and effectively to promote the work f God. Since God is the creator of the universal, the alpha and omega (i.e. the beginning and the ending of everything) I will want to see each and every Sierra Leonean to pray fervently and firmly so that the almighty God will pure His blessings on this nation and give direction to our leaders, and also establish love peace and unity among each other what have been past it will never be occur. I will be very happy if I see Sierra Leonean were doing thing commonly with love to each other.

From what has been said and done in the paragraphs about my vision for Sierra Leone in the future, if it is take into consider action by the appropriate authority I believe it will go a long way in minimizing the obstacle in Sierra Leone such as political arena, economically, educationally, legally, public service and religiously.

Tamba Milton Suluhu
28L Wharf Road