NVSL Written Submissions


Sierra Leone is a country which became independently governed in 1961, 27 April. Since then we have tried in diverse ways through regimes after the other to put her on the Map as other Western Countries. This has yield a little different – we are member states of the United Nations Organization, Common Wealth, now African Union and lots more. This Country became a focus of the International World when perpetrated by a barrage of Civil War that sent us at the bottom of the Human Development Index. Now we are creeping - Thanks for the Peace we enjoy. Sierra Leone needs to stand to the summit like other nations – everyone is expected to play a part towards this development. This is the way I have my National Vision for Sierra Leone.

Firstly, for every work done adequately there must be food. We should as one engage in Active ARGICULTURE based Community Development and staple food production for average Sierra Leonean. This must be done with resilient effort as a sign showing our readiness for a good change. I see Sierra Leonean engage in subsistence Agriculture.

Secondly, I see Sierra Leonean ready to pay their Taxes in every facet of Work as stated by the governments (Local and National). Through this taxes Citizens are paying, two Major developments have unfolded.

a. The Salary of workers are lucrated otherwise attractive. Corruption is gradually dying.
b. The Central and Local government is able to employ many people who qualify for the jobs they created.

Thirdly, I see the Government of Sierra Leone supported by conscious citizens make our CURRENCY (The Leone) retain its value lost over the years in the following ways

a. All illegal/Foreign Currency dealers on the streets of Sierra Leone removed and the issue of Foreign Currency directed to the Banks and Licensed Bureaus (Foreign Exchange).
b. People are again ready receiving rents and other charges in Leones and not US Dollars or the like.

Fourthly, I see a light of bliss in the Independence and unprejudiced press (Print and electronic) Media, sincerely committed to publishing the truth, avoiding seditious liabel, and serving as the math piece of the citizen.
Fifthly, Sierra Leoneans are embarked in the full implementation of the Law unbiasly and obeying these Laws in full scale this is a self discipline strategy starting from top officials down to earth.

Education should not be made free but cheaper and affordable for every child. The issue with free education is a burden on government because it increases its expenditure and lessen income. This affects other areas of government commitment.

In addition, I see Sierra Leoneans put in place a MEAGRE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT strategy. Everyone is with the realization that this was the crux of the civil war. A country rich in both Natural and Mineral resources like Diamond, off shore oil, Boxite, Rutile, Zink etc. if these are managed I see Sierra Leone move rapidly developing.

Moreover, government and City/Town Councils in collaboration with Traders Union Working assiduously to provide Market Facilities for Traders (Petty) to be Stationery instead of moving about to trade.

Furthermore, I realized governments measuring the competence of the people they assigned public and private functions to. When this is done people are committed to their work as a result of their knowledge and skill improves the sector. This reduces corruption.

I again visualized government having good care over the Welfare of her Citizens prompted by an active political Opposition.

The support to and operation of firms, Local Industries to producing and exporting of local products from the basis of development. This further attracts Tourists and earn the State prestige.

Independent Judiciary executing equal justice, imposing punishment according to crime committed helps maintained and protect Human Rights in Sierra Leone, for instance Musa (Rich Man) & Sallu (Poor Man) goes to court Sallu wins based on his rights. This sustains his liberty. In view of Immigration, I see a policy thoroughly checking foreigners without approval residential permits illegal to own fixed assets in Sierra Leone such people enter the country to destabilize the peace the National passport should only be given to citizen of this state.

Interns of Politics, politicians must have ENDING PROMISE most governments achieve power as a result of promises are always farfetched. Politicians in Sierra Leone are ready to achieve if not a 100% but 80% of this promises to the people.

Electricity supply is a point of any mechanized and Industrious state. The Bunbuna Hydro Electric Power must be independently left to supply individual consumers whilst the National Power Authority (NPA) given the responsibity to serve important areas such as government offices and Hospitals etc.

Moreover, I anticipate Sierra Leone embarking on proper DENCENTRALISATION – giving power and opportunity to the provinces to access power and be able to cater for their inhabitants, this with reduce the rush to the city to make a living.

Quite expediently, Land must be utilized appropriately in terms of commerce and other functions, Slums must not be encouraged to exist. LOWCOST HOUSING should be provided both by government and entrepreneur for low earning people. Makeshift structures along side the strategic points should be demolished.

- Grants and meritorial awards should be in place so as to assist parents and motive learning with quality.

GAMES and SPORTS – in view of the attained a good number of Sierra Leoneans cherish games and sports others countries are spending much on and accumulating wealth out of games Brazil, France, Germany, Australia, South Africa etc. are good examples, we should jointly choose an aspect lets say soccer for instance and spend on it after which we take the other in this sequence I see Sierra Leone prosper like other developed and developing nations.
Quits apart from the above, REQUIREMENT should be affected for the smooth running of the working population different sets of people will gain employment after leaving tertiary Institutions. This will reduce the Brain drain of our Land. Those retired must be duly given their gratuities and benefits that can sustain them for years.

PRIVATISING – Parastatals and other governmental/ private owned companies should be fully and purely privatized. This gives the chance for the establishment of series of private firms that will encourage competition. Competition develops a state.

Before this time Sierra Leone was notable for quality University Education this glory is fading as a result of the University of Sierra Leone alone man ding the affairs of the subsistent colleges. As a way forward Universities should exist independently. This will reduce the drop – out rate in Sierra Leone.

To make with the Technological world a University for sciences should be established taping the experience of different careers.

THE CONSTITUTIONS OF SIERRA LEONE – This must be eloquently interpreted and placed in important quarters such as Libraries so that every citizen capable to read Understand offered the right to access it in order to get acquainted to it. This prevents a breech.

INDIGENOUS INDUSTRIES – These forms the basis of attraction to the early colonialist. Industries such as Art and Crafts, Gara dying, Soap Making. Blacksmithing etc. are skills trades we should pay attention to for development purpose.

HEALTH SERVICES – for the reduction of mortality rate Mechanisms must be put in place like.

a. Licensed and qualified/experienced Nurses and Doctors should be given the right to open Health Centers in every community of about 500 to 600 people
b. We must cater for quality and expensive drugs not cheap and expired are inactive drugs.

TOURISM –Another major way through which Sierra Leone can be attractive to Tourists is by the proper usage and Monitoring of our Natural Harbors, wide life preservation and the Beaches, there should be special projects supporting the growth of these sectors.

CULTURE – We should as a whole have respect and practice of the Sierra Leone Culture and traditions. It is a way of life; we must not kick against it. The dominance of the Western Culture over ours has created a vast immorality in our society this must be replaced by our traditions feasibly.
The Museum must be the place for traditional resources; our Monuments and statues should be refurbished and designed for people who had laid the blue – print for us today.

ROAD MANAGEMENT – there should be special techniques devised for the wide ring and control of roads. Traffic signs must be redesigned and the Pedestrian crossing is identified and utilized efficiently.
Fedal Road should then construct and cemented instead of coal tars, such formations exist in places like England, America.

Finally, we must embark on a crackdown on Malice, Unbiased and unnecessary cast down. We must give praises to people who do good works this will serve as a motivator. Above all we should be proud to be a Sierra Leonean.

In summery, there are many visions everyone of us can visualize this is my vision for Sierra Leone if these dreams come reality we shall all enjoy as a Nation.

I thank you.