NVSL Written Submissions


I am Alex Tamba Komba Nyama, born to one Pa Komba Nyama a former worker at the National Diamond Mining Company (N.D.M.C.) in Kono and lived at No. 26 Council Road Koidu Town ,Sefadu I once had a matter with a Police Officer and was sent to the Pademba Road Prisons on charges of Assault on Police, Whilst in Prison on remand d, I dreamt one night and had a vision when I saw approaching ships to the shores of Freetown with goods as of building and construction materials, horses and the crews, they arrived and I was fortunate to have been asked to lead the group to the Eastern Part of  the country that has once been popular for proceeds in Diamonds.

We departed and some of them went on horse backs and we finally arrived and I did the introduction of my visitors to the chiefs and the areas of the allocation of the former Mining Company which had world farmer in deed the were happy for the discovery and were ready for a re – establishment.

The Team was equipped with communication and they called for the transportation of the goods to the site and the work of reconstruction was started and at the end of the exercise the employment of more workers was done and the company was re – establishment in Sierra Leone once more.

What I want to believe is that God has a way for the people of this Nation no matter what happiness. The second part of the vision came to me and I saw a tree in the middle of the bush and it was a palm tree when I took a more proper look. This tree has some special appearance different from normal palm trees. It appeared as if it had Golden fruits and golden roots appeared on the tree. It only had green leaves and thee normal palm stem but it was a bright shining tree like the falling sun set.
Such was my second vision and I want to give an account of each of the visions in the for of an interpretation to these dream, the first one gives knowledge of the troops and their administrative team of working officers residing in the country. The United nation could look wise institute an executive staff to reestablish the mechanisms industrial mining company as of the similar one that the nation once had operated.

But I am convinced that it is due to the incompetence of the existing system that the United Nation has not functioned in the development aspect of the present administration, Sierra Leone is just from a decade long civil war which could have facilitated the opportunity of an operational guide in proper management in exploiting the nations resources in order to strengthen the economy of the country.
Secondly the palm tree in my vision symbolizes the Sierra Leone People Party Symbol the Palm tree and ritually when we talk of palm tree we straight away think about arms and ammunition so the Government of Sierra Leone can stand as one such country in Africa to bring Africa together and get arms under control as the era and period of infirmities, Wars, Crime and Rebellion has  been common in Africa that we desperately wish for an end in  these situation and change the era of destructions and Corruption into an era of Peace and African Unity.

The call for African United Administrative Government can be made possible by efforts of the United Nations through means of instituting justice and bring arms under control in Africa and trying those victims who have caused war on the poor innocent people of the African Nations and left out the representative themselves of power and government officers who were to face their acts of aggressions and violence but at the end of the day the same government officers and politicians became untouchable and of Oppression, Torture, Rape, Killing and vulnerabilities as incendiaries caused them to be displace all about.

So in this light, I call upon the TRC to bring to justice Tejan Kabbah and all those members of his former past regime for charges of crimes against Humanity lives and for bringing war upon the people of this country just to get them reinstated into office which left thousand of lives dead and thousand of houses burnt.

If this existent leadership was never straying there could have been the work of Rehabilitation going on effectively within the sovereignty of this Nation.

May peace reign and Humanity.