NVSL Written Submissions

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As a good citizen of this country Sierra Leone it is good for us to say out matters that are affecting this of our beloved country Sierra Leone. No matter who you are as long as you arre a good concern citizens it will be good for you to talk about the problems, make suggestions comment ask question give ideas and solution towards the problems that two good heads are than one.

For the above reasons and as a good concerned citizen of Sierra Leone although I am a student and a small boy it is good for me to talk and ask questions, make suggestions and give ideas about things or matters that are affecting us in this of our beloved country Sierra Leone.

There are so many of them but ask question and give suggestions the problems I have observed in this country and I want all sierra Leonean whether you are an NGO, Government worker, Student, Business man, Farmer etc should joined to gathers and kick it out of this country and the problems here is called IDLENESS now before I go further I may first like the people of Sierra Leone to know the definition of   IDLE.

IDLE: of people – Lazy not working hard of people without unemployed
Idleness has become the most factor that destroyed this of our beloved country Sierra Leone and it even wanted to cause another problems in this country if like do not try to put a stop to it to our good people of Sierra Leone, I just want us to remember back what happened in 1991 there were many idlers on the streets of this country looking out for jobs that will make them confront able in life but by then there were no jobs by then.

Unfortunately for the people of Sierra Leone the rebels came ad gather all the idlers and ask them to joined them in return they will then what they want automatically these idlers have be come employed, when others see them the way the are living they also take their foot step this even make the rebel to become many in number ever day it was due to this reason that the rebel war lasted for ten years.
Good concerned of Sierra Leone, I may like you to joined me and believe that idleness cannot pay .

NOTE: that an idle brain is the work shop of the devil even God does not want an idle he even said it in the Holy Bible in the book of proverbs that a person who does not work is just killing him or her self through idleness you will hid your talent that the Lord has given you and you will just be like the servant who was having the one talent in the book of Mathew 25:14 – 31.

Good concerned citizen it is through idleness that HIV/AIDs entered in this country and has spread through out if you can join me and think our mother sister and daughters who are on the street it is because of they are not at work and the only way they can live and money is by selling their body we have lost most of them through this idleness may their soul rest in Peace (RIP)

Let us just have a look at our fathers, mother, brothers and sister at pademba road prison it is because of idleness most of them are there. If people are at work they will not even think of raping, stealing, and killing etc. now for some question towards this idleness.

An idle man is a man who does not work, you always see him roaming about like a crazy dog sometimes he can not even have food to eat. Sometimes he can think but all of them are evil because the devil has made workshop in his brain although some say that the body should enjoy they even say that they are not born to suffer, an idle man is a man who is always lazy instead of he work he go out and play about he don’t want to plant but wanted to find he wanted to gather where he did not scattered seed (Matthew 25:24) at the end of the day he find himself in

1- How are we going to part a stop to this idleness?
2- Who is going to find solution towards this problem of idleness?
3- Who to blame when people are idle?
4- What are we to do if we find idlers on the streets of Sierra Leone?
5- Which encouragement are we to give to the idlers?
6- What can an idler person go if he/she wanted to be employed?

1- People of Sierra Leone should find work for these who are idle
2- People of Sierra Leone should tell idlers the benefit of been an employed person (Sensitization)
3- People should also tell idlers the danger of been an idle person
4- Idlers should be paid in full an on time after they have worked
5- Idlers should also know that brain is the workshop of the devil.

Let’s joined to kick idleness out of Sierra Leone

The future of Sierra Leone is in our own hands only if we thinks properly and make sure we do things at the rights time and for the right citizen of this country. Our country Sierra Leone will be like any other country that has develop e.g.  USA, London, Japan, India etc. if only our Government put the following basic needs of Sierra Leonean and make sure that they function well and always in other without a mistake or blonder the basic needs are:

(1) Agricultural Food
(2) Transportation Good Roads
(3) Water Supply
(4) Health and Sanitation
(5) Education

There are many other needs for Sierra Leoneans but the five should come first and the government should never forget them I want Sierra Leone to be like any of the developed countries only if the government of Sierra Leone take care of the above following needs

NOTE: the Government of Sierra Leone should not forget for pay workers and on time. I love my country Sierra Leone and may God Bless this country our beloved Sierra Leone.

Once upon a time there is an idle man in a town every day he is having nothing to do , only to be roaming about in a town that is what he likes
He has nothing to do even is you offer him a job  he always like to say that that body should enjoy , he is not born to suffer but to rest and enjoy.
People talk to him but he never listen to their word of advice his wife talk to him but he never listen to any time she to him, he always give her a beat his mother and father called him and talk to him as their son but he can’t listen to them.
One day he went to the river to take his bath as he is about to take his bath he saw a very beautiful lady standing by the river side, the lady called him and asked him to go and enjoy with him the man was happy and he even say this is what I love in my life as they went along where nobody could see them for five days they looked for him every where at the end of the six days they saw his dead body in the river side without his head, the end of the story.