NVSL Written Submissions

I felt happy when I heard over one of our local radio stations about this significance issue, I have seen it as an opportunity to address this ugly situation that is occurring which has hampered development in this our beloved nation (Sierra Leone).
However, it has been a burning desire to identify some of the factors responsible for the backwardness and limbo state in which Sierra Leone is at now, before I start to point out some of the factors and also give advice or suggestions in order to deal with the problem one and for all. I shall elaborate on there main fundamental topics one to star is:

ATTITUDE: Sierra Leoneans! Our attitude towards one another is one of the factors responsible for this epidemic. Our attitude towards one another invert negative in such a way that people find pleasure in others suffering, people hardly appreciate other people efforts and instead of appreciating and giving support in order to push forward them would rather prefer to put her/him down. This pulling Down syndrome is another negative attitude which I would like to advise every well meaning Sierra Leonean to abandon. Let us start to practice the habit of our own big or small way in order to complement the effort. We just have to love one another, if we want to see Sierra Leone in prosperity my advise or suggesting here is that government or non governmental organizations to actually help rescue this nation from the negative mental attitude like one way is to employ the services of massive sensitization campaigned right throughout this country each and every corner of the country must be checked and not only on radio, television, or news papers, because not every individuals have access to them then even those who have them, sometimes pay very little attention is like we have to put hands on deck to spread the message of positive mental attitude towards one another there are many methods of passing on information but the most common and less expensive once are; talking to people in their localities like for instance acting plays in their own way of which they would understand precisely. How to create the source of this information? Government or non – Governmental Organizations should ready to focus and pour money in this area by training people about positive mental attitude towards individuals so they can be mandated and allocated to almost every parts of this country, is not only illiterate people have this problem, even some educated people misbehave with impunity, so the campaigned should go right across and also to monitor the programmed.
Meanwhile I appreciate the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC for their timely intervention in order to stabilized situation one of their vital roles which they are playing is reconciling the people for this country. People need to reconcile with one another forgiveness and forget about the passed like for example, people who used to live together are no longer together during the was everything had fallen apart, like one episode there were eight houses in the village. Pa. Joe was the chief and Pa. Koroma the speaker the chief had four wives with six children then Pa. Koroma the father of five children and seven wives both of their compound faced each other so when the war broke out the sons of Pa. Koroma (Speaker joined the rebels and they led the way to their own very village they brutally murdered the family of the chief except one son left. They alleged that Pa. Joe was responsible for their father not to get on to the throne when the war has now ended they returned back to this village but they were not comfortable with the situation that they created for themselves because the only son of the chief who left also returned, so during morning hours this guy used to come and set at their veranda. Whenever, these guys saw the chief’s son they felt disturbed and there was another way they they could do.
The village is a small place, that beside their houses were opposite each other, they see every minute and hour, it was through reconciliation today they share food together.

CORRUPTION: this is another independent in the development of our nation, which very serious, I mean serious attention must be paid to it, it has engulfed this country for quite too long is high time now for Sierra Leonean to disregard. I appreciated the idea of instituting Anti – Corruption Instituting for the fact that there is now an institution which can through fear into people’s mind about corrupt practices is an ideal system to deal with the problem. But not only the setting up of the institution is everything however is to see the purposes of setting up this noble Institution actualized by that I mean let the people right across this country realize and regain consciences ness that corruption is a killer disease, if we allowed ourselves to be killed by this disease then we shall have ourselves to be blamed at the end of the day. In order to achieved solving this problem of corrupt practices all of us are to commit ourselves, so that we can eradicate it one knows that all over the world there is corruption every where but the level at which it stands is the question nevertheless if we are serious, corruption can be brought under control down to the lowest ebb. This country has the potential of been one of the richest nations in the world. But oh ya our economy is still driven by donors we largely depend on aids, grants and loans through we still lack behind. What is responsible? Is corruption it ahs hindered all progress and brought about confusion rights across these loans, grants, and aids are not used for their intended purposes that they means for individuals pocket it in to private bags and accounts. Actualizing their dreams in all these areas are still in dying need of help everyday we see a lot of expensive vehicle on the street with all such of names and we do hear huge sum of money for these so call NGO but where are these monies? If really these monies have been poured for their intended purposes then we would have seen changes rights from the beginning so is like the presence of most of these NGO are responsible for our poor state of being they are just flattering of provoking the situation.

Now let us look far back before prewar in our chiefdoms town and villages really what brought about some of the most serious crimes committed such as the burning down of houses, towns , villages, really what brought about some of the most serious crimes committed such as the burning down houses, town, villages, and even chasing their own very chiefs. I believe was due to corruption I could remember during holidays what has been going relating youths and the elders is some of the problems responsible for this deathly weapon, there had been no impartial judgment in most of these local court system in the localities more especially in the area of love relationship between young man and woman they used to levied finds against youths is such a way that they would end up to leave brutally with displaced minds and as we know the elders mostly in better position and compare to youths, the tenancy for them to marry almost all the young and beautiful girls is there my advice is that let them be mindful and tampered justice with many.

Furthermore when the war broke out most of these guys saw it as an opportunity to reprisal , so what they did was to chase those chiefs who had been engaged in these types of unfair treatment and burnt down most of the towns and villages, not only that but even responsible for the poor state in which these towns and villages stands e.g. like my own mother – Land in the eastern province (Kenema District, Dama Chiefdom) there was a primitive wealthy man who had got a lot of money through produce farming he married very close to thirty wives, one brilliant idea he came up with people need to see and touch objectives, even images there should be objects and imageries reminding people of the consequence involve if you intend to be corrupt, it should be in all public offices on the streets, strategic points, high ways villages chiefdom levels and towns but it should be done according to the type of corrupt practices going on in that particular locality of office so that it can throw fear into people mind about corruption make it conscious and fearful. Corruption, corruption is not good avoid it

ILLITERACY: this is another fundamental issue that has reduced this country from the line of development illiteracy is a killer disease, we have to stand up and fight it out, when we are campaigned Africa and the west (whites) in my own concept, I don’t regard color as a difference but level of understanding one has too be self reliant in order to upkeep oneself illiteracy actually is to be able read and write but not that also to be ale learn trade and skill training with illiteracy we seen not to love one another here is a nation which needs everything to start life a fresh, so if one doesn’t try very hard to push forward one would have him/herself to be blamed let’s take a look at our educational system in this country as I view it is like a secret society where the Truth is always hidden why I said so, the secret is hidden from the pupils because the secret about education is to know where the truth lies, for example some children don’t even know what is a syllabus, starting from JSS1 unto SSS three (3) because the education ministry or those who are responsible don’t it available to those who need it most.

How ever if the government is usually serious to eradicate illiteracy thing like syllabus should be made compulsory to every students required texts books should be available and compile them to buy. If we are serious to take education at the door step of people we most ready to give holistic approach the payment of leaders and standards of training. Marking schemes every teacher is suppose to have it guide through pamphlets then to cut down on some of the school social activities most school or forms don’t finish what they are suppose to cover during the academic year the need for education cannot be over emphasized.

Over and above all Sierra Leone has a very good future this land is still a virgin ground for investors I would like every Sierra Leonean to abandon the above measured negative attitude. My national vision for Sierra Leone is that in the next not too distance future to come, we will dwell in prosperity. Actualizing their dream in all these areas are still in dying need of help everyday we see a lot of expensive vehicle on the streets with all such of names and we do hear huge sum of money for these so call NGOs but where are these Monies? If really these monies have been poured for their intended purposes then we would  have seen changes rights from the beginning so is like the presence of most of these NGOs are responsible for our poor state of being they are just flattering or provoking the situation.

Now lets us look far back before prewar in our chiefdoms towns and villages really what brought about some of the most serious crimes committed such as the burning down of houses, towns, villages and even chasing their own very chiefs I believe was due to corruption I could remember during holidays, what has been going on relating youths and the elders in some of the problems responsible for this deathly weapon , there had been no impartial judgment in most of these local court system in their localities more especially in the area of love relationship between young men and women they used to levied fins against youths I such a way that they would end up to leave abruptly with displaced minds and as we know the elders are with displeased minds, and as we know the elders are mostly in better positions as compare to the youths. The tendency for them to marry almost all the young and beautiful girls is there, my advice is that let them be mindful and tampered justice with mercy.

Further more when the war broke out most of these guys saw it as an opportunity to reprisal, so what they did was to chase those chiefs who had been engaged in these types of unfair treatment and burnt down most of the towns and villages not only that but even responsible for the poor state in which these towns and villages stand at e.g. like my own mother land in the eastern province (Kenema District, Dama Chiefdom) there was a primitive wealthy man who had got a lot of money through produce farming he married very close to thirty Wives, one brilliant idea he came up with was the building of schools and employing teachers to teach in these schools and he funded the programme, it was very good and deserved praised. These women were almost the only available young girls in this village, these teachers were housed in this same village, I believe we all know what nature means, but this man was having some from of punishment to whosoever, he caught in love with his wife he was not much interested in money, but to cut portion of his produce farm for the person to clear, so both the teachers and girls started pounding behind one another some had fallen in love as time passed by as they were going along the secret started to expose, eventually some were caught, so there was any other alternative but to cut a portion of land to clear this work was so tedious that some men could not finish in order not to continue the hard labor guys gave way through back doors at the end of the day all the teachers were disappeared, the whole programme was blocked. Finally is like this man, the chief was a puppet to him and automatically a law maker who could put law of his choice just because he had money, and the approved what ever he said. So also in the formal court system. I agreed with George Orwell a author who wrote a book called “Animal Farm According to that book, there is n equality in the world, due to class distinction where in we have elite of society, middle class and bottom class. My advice to every Sierra Leonean is to be very honest with our selves, if you find yourself there, better you seek advice some where else.

My advice to Anti – Corruption or suggestions is that they should ready and better prepare to actualize their man date and one possible way to achieve this task is to embark on massive sensitization right across the society, sensitization shouldn’t only be done on radio, television, news paper, etc you know sensitization or information is not going rights done to those who need it most nothing!

Anti – Corruption sensitization drives are not enough.


Our question strived hard to make our country (Sierra Leone became an out standing member in the world. The struggles and sufferings of our fore fathers did not go in vain because every one worked very hard to make life better. Different parts of the country was developed and every citizen embraced each other. It was recognized in Africa and the world as a whole and so many foreigners came into the country for various purposes, some came into the country as tourist others as traders whilst some others came in to spend their vacations citizens as well as foreigners enjoy living in Sierra Leone since life was comfortable and things were affordable due to selfishness, corruption, Injustice, Disobedience, Crook, Greed, Unsympathetic feelings, etc. all led a cruel and bitter war living many hopeless, homeless and poor everybody ran helter and skerter in search of shelter life and properties were destroyed, women were sexually assaulted, children and gallant men including youths were thought how to shoot and loot with ferret prayers, Peace makers such as ECOMOG, UNAMSIL, the British forces and other interested people joined hands in putting an end to these brutal malician and indecent acts. After a decades old in Human War, people of all kinds became visionaries in Sierra Leone some versioned well other not so well and therefore, there was no good fruit yelled, with patience, determination and hard work we now enjoy stable peace and tranquility in all part of the country today the peace and enjoy we now have  was due to the frantic effort of every patriotic citizen in Sierra Leone young and old big and small, rich and poor, blind and lame including our foreigners made it possible for us to have an everlasting peace in this country. As a Nation we should now remain unbeatable and indomitable as we were before we should also put hands on deck and rehabilitate on minds inclining our beloved mother land Sierra Leone, In spite of all the difficulties is high time we hope for success. I hoe to see everyone live a useful and responsible in this country embrace one another and those who came to our country especially the traders, tourist etc. I hope to see every one come together in rebuilding our savaged land maintained the roads, frequent electricity supply good pipe borne, Water, effective communication, sufficient employment opportunity for everybody especially the youths free education for both boys and girls in order to reduce the high rate of illiteracy in this country, serious utilization of our resources such as Diamond, Gold, Iron Ore, etc. success and recognition in sport, solution to health problems such as Aids, Malaria etc. to conclude we are able to minimized corruption and combat the problem of tribalism, Jealousy, disobedience, Injustice , Crook and Greed, I believe in the end we will care one another and share with each other lets us reason speak and act as a nations in rehabilitating our country. As a citizen of this beloved land, I visioned out progress if we all work hard in setting our disputes in various ways by saying out the truth reconciling with one another and accepting the apology of those who had done wrong in our country. As a visionary I look forward to Nation building, adequate employment opportunity effective utilization of our resources, Minimization of corruption free education and seriousness and effort in sport.

After a serious moment of trauma, people began setting in different parts of the country and also decided to restructure every corners that had been vandalized, as a nation we wiped our tears and rolled our pains away and embraced Peace, Love and freedom with the relentless effort of all loyal citizens as well as foreigners we were able to acquire stable peace which we now enjoyed people of all race gave a helping hand in rebuilding our land and make Sierra Leone a better place. As a country emerging War, let us became people of the same race sharing love political beliefs traditions history and same language. Traders, tourist and other interested people could only came into our country, if we have absolute peace and not a fragile one my vision is to see every part of the country well rehabilitated so that it may be good looking and cleaning to those who came into our country for good reasons

Idleness can only be reduce with the creation of more employment opportunity for every one especially the youths with the availability of those employment impunity, there will be less crime rate, confusion, and other ill habits done in this country. Let us all work together to make Sierra Leone developed and recognized particularly in Africa and the world in general. My vision is to see every one employed and become a prosperous citizen in few years; Sierra Leone will be economically strong and ranked with bigger nations

These resources are natural gift from the Almighty Allah (God) our land is blessed with rich resources and there fore let us make goes used of the ones available, If these resources are properly converted there will be very few people suffering in Sierra Leone with the gold, diamond, bauxite etc in our possession we can make something profitable and use them wisely in relieving the strains of every citizens in this country due to bad governance injustice, crook, greed, corruption we still languish in poverty, hunger, and sickness. Our country could only develop with the legal and effective use of these resources us hence. My vision is to see the protest person in this country with a motorcycle and Sierra Leone coming in first in the world development ranking

If the country to progress, let us shun the habit of taking what is no giving to us, we should stop the act of putting the wrong man in the place of the right man and try to put the right man I n the right place. These incorrect behaviors are mostly done to family connection, political ties and other negative thoughts. So many people become rich over night other remain poor whilst the country lie in extreme poverty due to corruption were racing to the land of underdeveloped and object poverty, people go in search of food, money and other important things, but it is held wickedly and selfishly by those up these for this reason the country is left in complete corruption. Minimizing of this bad element which is corruption could be effective and possible if we decide to be watch dogs for each other. My vision is to see Sierra Leone corrupt free and work together as a nation in making life useful.

In most countries the key success in education and if we are to succeed there must free education for every one, the high rate of illiteracy has led to the poor development of Sierra Leonean, we could once more be called the “ANTHEM OF WEST AFRICA” if we have free education regular and prompt payment of the teachers, effective teaching, adequate material available for learning, if the majority and educated, there will be progress in Sierra Leone and once again earn on past glories in Africa and Even the world as a whole my vision is to see big and small ,rich and poor, well educated and become responsible and productive citizens
With faiths and courage, we will surely strive until we make our country progressive. We could only achieved as a nation if there is better organization and coordination of state affairs, dedication to services respect for law, leaders and for each other, let us be wise in our thoughts, actions and decisions and try to ignore all tribal religious and political conflicts, we are living in a blessed land of hope and glory with good and gentle people. Our country may flourish in prosperity if we do our best to live virtuously. As a Sierra Leone let us help one another love each other and share with those in need, I call upon all Sierra Leonean, let us to work hard in gloves to help sharpen the future and make it meaningful. My vision is that Sierra Leone will become a paradise filled with peace, Joy and riches. Every part of the country will be properly restricted including the roads so that there will be free flow of traffic. Selfishness, injustice, greed, crook, corruption will be wipe out so that each citizen may enjoy all the facilities in the country, there will be adequate employment facilities provided, so that every citizen may live up to standard. The corruptive acts prevailing now will be minimized so that ever citizen may enjoy his or her rights and facilities, Health hazards will be solved so that every one may live a healthy life. The country will be defending against internal one external aggression in order to prevent the past from occurring. There will be gallant security provided in order to have our lives and properties well secured against all sorts of evil doers, sufficient food will be provided so that each citizen could have at least three meals per day. There will be adequate shelter for every body in this country, in order to prevent sickness and other ill things, the cost of commodities and other important items will be reasonable or affordable by the year 2020 this vision will become a reality. Every citizen will be sufficient and comfortable; we will not only live as a nation, but also a family with peace, freedom, Unity and Justice Obedience trust and love for each other, thanks to God Almighty for his timely intervention in putting and end to this brutal war. May his blessing reign upon every citizens in this country and grant us merry in all we do say.

When ever you live in a corrupt and depressed society within a defined area these could include politics, economics and socialization, this will normally done by protest and putting themselves to gather to fight the corruptive aspect which are practice such as: injustice, Tribalism, Bribery, Nepotism, Sentimentalism, Sectionalism, embezzlement and favoritism which will lead set back in a particular area War is of various types and have both advantage and disadvantage, before the 702 (Seventies) the so called politicians started to depressed the people of this country and after that same in the 70’s (Seventies) and 80’s (eighties) to early 90’s the e same continuation follows these made our people grow to anger and started using or taking one slogan to the extend saying “Except there be war” before this country better, these slogan have been moving form place to place  years by years and finally God Almighty to answer to this prayers of slogan, and now people are grow to anger and started using or talking one slogan to the extend saying “Except there will be a war before this country comes to better” these slogan have been moving form place to place, years by years and finally God Almighty too answer to this prayer of slogan and now people are grumbling about war I belief if you pray for any purpose, God will answer you war means total or drastic changes etc. with all the above measure things still the politicians stands in their defensive propaganda to blame the war for all undevelopment things in the country Honest sincere and conscious Sierra Leonean will bear me witness of truth for what I have measure in my contribution it is our duty now to stop pointing fingers at the people to put aside all grievances, reconcile with one another love one another and plan our selves for better future of this nation (Sierra Leone) and  a country needs a honest and sincere of leader for a better of future development. To start with before the war there was no good road construction within the country as a whole and even now , no good health and even now it still continues , no good communication (poor telephone facilities in the country) and it still continues, No Agriculture improvement in the country and it still continues, no good electricity supply within the country as a whole and even now, No free port these could even made things at higher prices in the country (No control Price) no affordable education in the country, education in Sierra Leone today is a privilege not a right, because if you are from poor family you cannot achieve it is as you like No Job Facilities for the youth as a whole etc. As a patriotic citizen of this country these are my own contribution to the TRC and the UN in my Beloved country lasting Peace God bless.

For lastng Peace in Sierra Leone the government of Sierra Leone should pay greater attentions to the old time neglected and poor farmers in the provinces as a whole why is it that farmers especially in our country are to be the poorest people within the society? There are countries in the world they were poor but because of their embarking on Agriculture they are today counted as one of the wealthiest countries in the world no body today in Sierra Leone want to be engaged in self employed enterprises also what Sierra Leoneans today prefers is even if today are employed in low paid jobs but as long as the government is not making any follow up to ensure that they give transparent accordingly in respect of their responsibilities they would prefer to ever remain in that job till the end of their lives. For example the accounts of bag of rice that signed and approved to be cooked for prisoners at Pademba road prison are greater than the number of bags of rice that will enter in the kitchen.

In the evening one could see almost every senior prison officers going with up ten or more kilogram’s of clean rice from the prison compound to their houses some carry bag of rice everyday including cooking utensils such as cotton of Maggie, bag of onions etc.

These are the types of people (the unpredictable consumers) they only consume but they don’t produce but those who consumes and produce the government pay less attention to support them. Please TRC the UN for lasting Peace in our beloved country Sierra Leone open the eyes and ears of the Sierra Leonean Government to see and leave the cries of the neglect productive consumers in our beloved (Sierra Leone) up to the provinces.

The Sierra Leone Prison department has today forgotten their primary duties to be performed in the interest of the state and the people of this state for the fact that they too has roles to play in the lasting peace building programmes of the nation, they are now acting on personal sentiments and greude the practices of tribalism, sectionalism, Racism, corruption and both the acting upon political influences are the higher rate in the midst of the prisons officers themselves, extending it on to those politically detained and other prisoners as a whole about 85% of Prisoners supplies are embark or sales by the so called senior officials to the extend prisoner die because of poor medical, the present prison hospital (Pademba Central Prison) is now meant only for prisoner who have money/they has influence with while the poor prisoners suffer and die in their cells without admitting them in the prison hospital. The hospital is a business center without money or influence you are not treating. Because of money they admit some prisoner in the hospital without sick examples: like some white guys (Lebanese etc.) corrupt ministers who are unfortunate to go to prison to serve sentence etc. with all the great corrupt in these department, government too has no time to do proper follow up. I am appealing to the International Committee to pay greater attentions to prisoners/ prisoners in Sierra Leone as a Whole for humanitarian purpose, because their rights is a prisoner is not given or privileges diet for prisoners in Sierra Leone prisons are very poor that is one small quality for prisoners. No fixed time for feeding of prisoners at times 5:00 o clock – 6:00 o clock etc.

Please International Committee see and hear the voice or cries of the Sierra Leone Prisoners and improved their living conditions on Humanitarians grounds