NVSL Written Submissions

The ardent of war in this country was as a result of lack of good governance, corruption, political suppression. Poverty and frustration citizens of this nation have witness and bear the barbaric brut of the ten years reigning, killing, rapping and the destruction of millions of properties. The hear  was not only savage and bloody but  shows the result of bad governances and tribalism and the Western media was so prudent in showing the carriage and realistic suffering of the people of Sierra Leone. Some of the factors that led to the bloody abuse of this Nation are as follows

1. Bad Governance
2. Corruption
3. Tribalism
4. Poverty and unemployment
5. Sectionalism
6. Mineral Exploitation
7. Press Suppression

But as a citizen of this country and knowing the advantage if living in a Peaceful atmosphere I would like to live in a community that operates according to the ethnics of democracy, where Peace is the end result of any citizen residents. An ideal place for all colors, race or tribe where freedom of the press is promoted and education a mandate and not a privilege. My community should be govern by the rule of Law and the Judiciary umbais, Medical fertilities, housing and Jobs must be priority for all
Therefore I suggest the following measures to make Sierra Leone a better Place to live in

1. Good Governance and Democracy
2. Measure and reforms

a)  Security Reforms
b) Legal reforms (Judicial System)
c) Anti – Corruption Commission
d) More towards poverty reduction strategy

3. Devolution of power and decentralization
4. Regular free and fair elections
5. Protection of Basic rights
6. Freedom of Education
7. Job opportunity
8. Ensure full control of all members resources
9. Freedom of the Press
10. Implement a free Market economy

I believe if this measures are put in place the smile of Sierra Leonean will not only be wider but their minds will be rest assured of their living security and the UNDP index will surely put on the back as follow comrades in development and I do blame that all Sierra Leonean are capable to do work will surely have work.