NVSL Written Submissions


a) Happy she stands afresh her mind reflecting memories of old of good old days and merry of a friend the queen in pink who crossed mountains and seas to meet a friend of old and share her burden of trust
b) Today her dazzling history diminishes through her children deeds of late and she is my lovely maiden
c) Her neighbors nearly and abroad hug their part with clapping hands in pity are in their past the same of stories bad to tell of children poverty strict of mass death, history might dare not say yet with love and care guilt of responsibility allege lovers eagerly dressed then in pearls slittering full of development and wow today they stand smiling pride in grace
d) Sierra Leone my dying love the pearl buy and are pure through hunger and tribulations hot dooming children’s deeds.

My hopes are great the favorable tropical climate youthful population abundant of resources and the vast and are factors that when fully utilized will benefit citizens of this country also the concentration of western talents and expatriate will monitor the activities of our selfish leaders  this check unfavorable governance practice.

In this regards, the presence of Western expatriate the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission the war tribunal or Special Court reformation of the judiciary reformation of the national security systems (Police and Military) the Anti – Corruption Commission and the current poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP) are all indication of a better Sierra Leone.

Therefore in five (5) to Ten (10) years form now I would like to see my country Sierra Leone among leading African Nations, five to ten years from now believe the living condition of citizens, Jobs, Security and medical facilities will be at their best condition and the Judiciary system, freedom of the press and democratic governance will also be fully addressed.

Therefore my slogan for a national vision is Truth, Reconciliation and patriotism national growth and development.