NVSL Written Submissions


COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION SYSTEM: there will be many communication media as well as many information media some would by the government and others by the people the operation of many private media will be encourage with no string attached to it.

GENDER EQUITY AND EQUALITY: there will be complete gender balance in all areas of life women will be allow to participate in politics in large numbers, make necessary decisions in their matrimonial home and work in any office hence qualified

GENDER VIOLENCE: Gender violence will not be in existence men of fifty will not foster sex relationship with girls less than 16 years men will no longer beat their women for not having sex with them when they are indeed and rape will never ever be tolerated.

SECURITY: Sierra Leone will be more than secure by the year 2025 each and every Sierra Leonean will to watch dogs for the country in order to stop what brought backwardness in development our boundaries will be secure form any foreign invasions.