NVSL Written Submissions

Hardly a set of creation is exactly the same no matter how a like
So also are the dynamic times
But why for decades be protective of destiny and harbour providence
Forgetful of the cause to divert the rays
To make poverty so implicit and inherent
Depriving life it warmth and vulgarity ?
So many outstanding factors would answer the questions
One by nature and the other by making
But once the cause is sought and fault accepted
A paradise foundation is laid strong
Now the white is over the mountains
Celebrating in every Conner, the birth of a new nation
That has learnt enough
From experiences the most qualifies (turn over)
Whose lessons have now and forever?
Prepared for a unique environment
That would timely be admired
No matter what
Out of determinations to weald
The inseparable relations and indifferences
To utilize the gifts
Be sure to make the difference
And soon be counted
Yet, Rome is built but not today.

The race of suffering shall surely end
And gradually rejoice with consciousness
To welcome the birth of a new nation
A baby girl in her white beautiful dress
That symbolized a new environment
In her secondment in life
We jointly determined to make and hopeful that Sierra Leone shall care for all as it should be
Oh dear are your characters
Quite promising for better life
So firm are your steps
To breed for a change
A change we have long waited for
To make lives feel at ease
Surely, Sierra Leone shall be the only place.