NVSL Written Submissions




I am a Sierra Leonean by Nationality my Recommendation to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the national vision for Sierra Leone, The TRC is the main body formed by the United Nation so as to enhances ever lasting forgiveness, Peace, Development and Stability to the lives of all Sierra Leonean and this body is also empower to advocate and gives recommendation to the United nation on the atrocities committed and suffer from both parties during the ten years of brutal rebel war and also their needs, before hitting on my National Vision for Sierra Leone, I must first of all makes this point.

Since Sierra Leone was colonies and governs by the British Government, they fought very hard to unite the people of Sierra Leone because they want the whole population to be involved in all aspects concerning Nation building.

They devide the country into regional and decentralized the government with the help of the local Government and also demarginalised it self with the people, I mean the ordinary man by then food, shelter, health care and education was not a threat to the lives of Sierra Leonean. We could also bear witness that according to history Sierra Leone was one of the most Peaceful Country in Africa and in the world with strong economy and rich in minerals. By then Agriculture was the main concerns of every Sierra Leonean. This system of Governing last up to the 60s and finally collapse in the 70s. The agricultural sector which was the last hope of the people falls and faded away in the 80s by then Sierra Leone was exporting rice after this period the problems of centralization and marginalization began to hit the lives of ordinary Sierra Leonean especially for those living in the provinces as well as the civil society in the city, all began to sees them selves left out by the government because what suppose to be a right became a privilege and threat to nearly all Sierra Leonean. This situation drags mix feeling among the people guide and jealous also began to rises little by little against the Government to support my statement, I would launch the exact word of most people by them( if we nor fet en troway blood na dis country tin nor go betteh for we en we pekin dem.) This words became farmed in their mines and they believes that only arms could bring back their past glories Bad Governance is the major factor of the rebel war which causes the grudge and jealous among our selves and against the leader just listen to some of the words of the perpetrators when the enter the capital Freetown with their grudge and jealous, they look at bank, ministerial building and Commercial Houses and says to them selves a guy you now see and understand what we have being telling you about the selfishness and wickedness of our leaders just look at their dwelling houses and they also see computers and television and private security were miss killed for government force. What are the factors responsible for some one living in a civilized country or society that can not differentiate an office from a dwelling house and a computer from a television, the factors bad governance because ever thing was centralized and marginalized it self from it people.

My National Vision for Sierra Leone. I would totally base or focus my vision on the following Agriculture, decentralization and demarginalization through which Peace, Development and Stability can be achieved and it also enhance the problems of food shortage, shelter, Health care and quality education and put a halt to coups, strikes and all sort of Sierra Leonean. I pray that this point on my vision may be consider and acted up on by the government world bodies, friendly countries, local and International Organization and individuals who have the means or abilities and interest to assist Sierra Leone rises from the Ashes of war.

The Agricultural Sectors, this is the most important sector in every Nation as we all know that Agriculture is the most fastest, simplest and less cost means than any other means in enhance development and better economy for the well being of it people which every country could yarn for, and Sierra Leone about 20/25% of the inhabitant depends on Agriculture and it can be appreciated nation wide if the government with the help of foreign bodies or organization to restructure our agricultural sectors and stretch up to chiefdom level and also revert the Rokupa rice research, sierra Leone produces marketing board (SLMP) the Panguma Saw Mill and Magbas for the improvement of our exportation, industrial growth booms our economy and enhances our welfare with in the shortest possible time.

Decentralization is another important factors or gate way in the nation building this factors could also be the key to Unity. We need to implement these factors, can bring success to both the government and it people, because with this factors every body will see him/her self been consider by the government and this factors also helps the improvement of the slums conditions of our provincial headquarters, district headquarters and chiefdoms head quarter to a comparable conditions to that of the capital Freetown, so that the man in the Village too can be proud in the city and this can be enhance by the local government. This of the most important body which the central government needs to be concentrated on because this body acts as a bride between the central government and the civil society and it is the only body can also address the problem of parties. This body can also address the problem of marginalization which was another factor to the rebel crises; because for quite a long time the inhabitant along the boarder area had been marginalized, especially for those along the Liberia boarder, they can be better tell by their culture, they look more Like Liberians than Sierra Leonean. Their central government needs to work it very hard. For the flow of ides and decision between the two bodies for the growth of the Nation for all this points to be successful within a few period of time, the central government needs to empower and gives support to the local government, so that me, you and the last man in the village can be proud of sufficient food stuff, good shelter, improved health facilities, strong economy, improved net work and communication. Steady energy supply and high exportation. The local government also helps the enhancement of Unity and the problem of who of what could be the substitute or answer to the withdrawal of the foreign forces (UNASIL) and other International Organization or bodies, the only substitutes or answer to this forces and organization could be Unity, with Unity Security, Justice Welfare and Corruption will be no threats to any Sierra Leonean. My People of Sierra Leone let us be praying and fasting for Love, Peace and Progress as we have been praying for the Fight, so that Unity and Tranquility can be Prevail in our country Sierra Leone.

May God Bless Us All.