NVSL Written Submissions

 There's no place like home, like Sierra Leone,

Where a man in a uniform, thin to the bone,

Stops a man in the street and in god-fearing groan

Begs for cash or for bread or for transport back home


To his shack in a slum where the darkness has come

And in spite of the family each struggles alone

Through the squalor of sewage and refuse that's prone

To put anyone off from the place he calls home.


But he's not on his own, in Sierra Leone,

Where the bulk of our people are crammed in Freetown

And all over the place there are stray dogs that roam

Through the litter-strewn streets and the residue foam


From the wash of one’s clothes and one’s children, who moan

That they’ll go to bed hungry and wake up at dawn

With their bellies still empty and food still ‘don don’

And the prospect of making it all on their own.


So the Government's tone, in Sierra Leone,

Is an outright disgrace to the country that's grown

In its dishonest shadow, whose cover was blown

When it ran off to Guinea to rule by sat-phone


And they left us alone, in this place we call home

And then told the whole world that they couldn’t have known

That their people were ‘rebels’ who’d reach for the gun

At the first hint of fear in the Government’s tone.


These are ‘leaders on loan’, to Sierra Leone,

So directionless, bankrupt, corrupt in renown,

So pathetic yet wicked, devoid of backbone

That we’re sick of their claims in repetitive drone


That with vision and justice we'll make ourselves one,

When the precedents set by these leaders have shown

That the President's blind to the needs of his own,

And the only man worse is the heir to his throne.


When this Government’s flown, from Sierra Leone,

We’ll seek those who can lead us without undertones,

Who can stop all our diamonds from turning to stone

And who won't come to power just to be overthrown.


We will drag ourselves out of this poverty zone

And we’ll care for our own, our Sierra Leone,

We will raise up our hearts and our voices as one

And put people in power with some National Vision.