AAAS/SHR – American Association for the Advancement of Science/Human Rights Programme
ABA/CEELI – American Bar Association/Central and East European Law Initiative
ACC – Anti Corruption Commission
ACHPR – African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights
ACRWC – African Covenant on the Rights and Welfare of the Child
ADMS – Alluvial Diamond Mining Scheme
AFL – Armed Forces of Liberia
AFRC – Armed Forces Revolutionary Council
APC – All Peoples Congress
AZAPO – Azanian Peoples Organisation
BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation
CBR – Community Based Rehabilitation
CCM – Country Coordinating Mechanism
CCP – Commission for the Consolidation of Peace
CDF – Civil Defence Forces
CEDAW – Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women
CEIP – Community Education Investment Programme
CFN – Children’s Forum Network
CGG – Campaign for Good Governance
CMC – Ceasefire Monitoring Committee
CMO – Chief Military Observer
CMRRD – Commission for the Management of Strategic Resources, National Reconstruction and Development
COMAHS – College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences
CPA – Child Protection Agency
CRC – Convention on the Rights of the Child
CREPS – Complementary Rapid Education for Primary Schools
CSM – Civil Society Movement
CWC – Child Welfare Committee
DDR – Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration
DFID – Department for International Development
EBIM – Elections Before Independence Movement
ECOMOG – ECOWAS Ceasefire Monitoring Group
ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States
EO – Executive Outcomes
FAWE – Federation of African Women Educationalists
FBC – Fourah Bay College
FGM – Female Genital Mutilation
GDO – Gold and Diamond Office
GGDO – Government Gold and Diamond Office
GoSL – Government of Sierra Leone
GSG – Gurkhas Security Group
GTZ – Gemeinschaft Technischer Zusammenarbeit (German Institute for Technical Cooperation)
HIPC – Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
HRC – Human Rights Commission
HRD – Belgium High Diamond Council
HRDAG – Human Rights Data Analysis Group
HRIMS – Human Rights Information Management System
ICC – International Criminal Court
ICCPR – International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
ICECSR – International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
ICRC – International Committee of the Red Cross
ICS – Institute of Commonwealth Studies
ICTJ – International Centre for Transitional Justice
ICTR – International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
ICTY – International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
IDP – Internally Displaced Person
IHRLG/Law Group – International Human Rights Law Group
ILO – International Labour Organisation
IMC – International Medical Corps
IMU – Information Management Unit
INEC – Independent National Electoral Commission
IPAM – Institute of Public Administration and Management
IRC – Inter Religious Council
ISPO – International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics
ISU – Internal Security Unit
JLSC – Judicial Legal Service Commission
JMC – Joint Monitoring Committee
KCP – Kimberly Certification Process
KPU – Kono Progressive Union
LAWCLA – Lawyers Centre for Legal Assistance
LUDF – Liberian United Defence Force
MADA – Ministry of Agriculture and Development Assistance
MEST – Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
MOCKY – Movement of Kono Youths
MOLHCPE – Ministry of Lands, Housing, Country Planning and Environment
MoU – Memorandum of Understanding
MILOBS – Military Observers
MRD – Movement for the Restoration of Democracy
MSF – Médecins sans Frontières
MSWGCA – Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs
NAC – National Aids Council
NaCSA – National Commission for Social Action
NACWAC – National Commission for War Affected Children
NAS – National Aids Secretariat
NATAG – Nigerian Armed Forces Training Group
NCCSL – National Council of the Colony of Sierra Leone
NCDDR – National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration
NCDHR – National Commission for Democracy and Human Rights
NCRRR – National Commission for Reconstruction, Resettlement and Rehabilitation
NCSL – National Council of Sierra Leone
NCSLW – National Council of Sierra Leone Women
NDP – National Democratic Party
NDMC – National Diamond Mining Company
NEC – National Electoral Commission
NFHR – National Forum for Human Rights
NGO – Non Governmental Organisation
NIBATT – Nigerian Battalion
NIGCON – Nigerian Contingent
NPFL – National Patriotic Front of Liberia
NPRC – National Provisional Ruling Council
NRC – National Reformation Council
NRC – Norwegian Refugee Council
NRS – National Recovery Strategy
OAU – Organisation of African Unity
OHCHR – Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
OSD – Operational Support Division
PAE – (Agency for) Plants, Animals and the Environment
PANA – Pan African News Agency
PANAFU – Pan African Union Organisation
PCMH – Princess Christian Maternity Hospital
PEPU – Protectorate Education Progressive Union
PETS – Public Expenditure Tracking Survey
PHR – Physicians for Human Rights
PMMC – Precious Metals Mining Company
PNP – Peoples National Party
PP – Peoples Party
PRIDE – Post Conflict Reintegration Initiative for Development and Empowerment
PRSP – Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
RREP – Rapid Response Education Project
RUF – Revolutionary United Front
RUFP – Revolutionary United Front Party
RSLAF – Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
RSLMF – Republic of Sierra Leone Military Forces
RVF – Rectal Vaginal Fistula
SAPA – Social Action for Poverty Alleviation
SBU – Small Boys Unit
SGU – Small Girls Unit
SHARP – Sierra Leone Aids Response Project
SLA – Sierra Leone Army
SLAMM-CDF – Sierra Leone Action Movement for the CDF
SLBS – Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service
SLENA – Sierra Leone News Agency
SLPIM – Sierra Leone Peoples Independence Movement
SLPMB – Sierra Leone Produce Marketing Board
SLPP – Sierra Leone Peoples Party
SLRRP – Sierra Leone Rural Reintegration Project
SLST – Sierra Leone Selection Trust
SLTU – Sierra Leone Teachers Union
SOFA – Status of Forces Agreement
SOS – Sierra Leone Organisation Society
SRSG – Special Representative of the Secretary General
SSD – Special Security Division
STI – Sexually Transmitted Infection
TRC – Truth and Reconciliation Commission
UDP – United Democratic Party
ULIMO – United Liberation Movement
UN – United Nations
UNAMSIL – United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone
UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
UNDPKO – United Nations Department for Peace keeping Operations
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund
UNIFEM – United Nations Fund for Women
UNOCHA – United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Activities
UNOMSIL – United Nations Observer Mission in Sierra Leone
UNSC – United Nations Security Council
UPP – United Progressive Party
USAID – United States Agency for International Development
VVF – Vesico Vaginal Fistula
WHO – World Health Organisation