NVSL Written Submissions

Presently, our beloved country is saddled with a lot of problems, ranging from indiscipline to corruption. These translate into, armed robbery, innocent murder, rape, fraudulent conversion, child abuse, immoral acts, negligency and lawlessness. All these existing factors inhabit the smooth running of the country and the happiness of the people is threatened. No country can progress with such compounded problems. And quite obviously a patriotic Sierra Leonean would like to see the country move forward and that is my candid vision but then certain modalities have to be put in place.

I would like learning institutions to teach patriotism as a discipline this is because lack of love for over country has resulted t greed and selfishness, a situation that encourages waste of government, funds misplacement of the nations priorities and theft.

II - A DECENT JUDICIARY SYSTEM should be established, with a difference, I mean, one that operates with a tint of transparency and accountability so that it would create an impact on the community. Let the people be punished for their crimes irrespective of their status or connection of any kind Examples once to be sent for generations to follow. This I am sure would eradicate lawlessness. Let the ministers consider their assignments as a national sacrifice and not a means of requiring wealth. This could be achieved if a body is set up to probe into the moral and financial aspects of aspirants prior to their elections. A personality I believe with a high moral standard would demonstrate commitment and uphold government policies. That is why he should also boast of a good financial strength to avoid the cast of fraudulent conversion, and other related malpractices, I would also like the good old.

III. - days to return, when government workers cherished a meaningful life they obtained living salaries and were capable of working out a budget because they knew their pay – day if a worker is satisfied to an extend then he can discharge his duties in the interest of an it is rather tempting and absorbed to pay a man one hundred thousand Leones, whilst he is asked to take care of ten million Leones honesty goes with satisfaction they are two partners that should not be divorce, in the observe of one the other must be satisfied in order to wipe out corruption. A high standard of indication should be encouraged so that a good member of people would interpret government policies lack of understanding which results from illiteracy causes a lot of problems for example when the prices of

IV - vital commodities incidentally lies the illiterate bulk of the populace, should all about the place because they lack of understanding and the educated politicians even though they may know the situation use the circumstance to campaigned will all be over if the populace have sound education but then the teacher should obtained all that is due him. A frustrated teacher will never give his best even if the ministry of education provides all the learning materials in the world. Let the ministry forget about the tempting of quality education and revert to the molding of quality teachers only a quality teachers can produce quality learners, important facilities that maintained the continuity of the population should be force.

V - Such facilities like medical must be treated with importance. Most people die because of poverty their inability to access drugs forces them to undergo the blind native treatment a healthy population can build up a healthy nation and paramount amongst all is the ability to feed ourselves that is to grow our own staple food so that we can forget about rice importation after all we have a lot of productive land for cultivation but the farming has to be mechanized to increased production. A hungry man is an angry man is an angry man indeed, this is the type of Sierra Leone that I would like to see in future. A Sierra Leone with  much  happiness and love for one another.

By Festus Macauley – Lungi