NVSL Written Submissions


The Vision of Sierra Leone will never come true if we did not think the problems that are led to the backwardsness and suffering of Sierra Leonean even before the rebel war only that the rebel war worsen the situation in order for us to know the solution to get perfect Peace and economic development in Sierra Leone.

There are certained reasons that are led to the problems in Sierra Leone they are as follows. The FIRST FACTOR - that leads to the above mentioned is Corruption which is the head among all the other factions in both offices and courts no justice in courts, this makes the poor suffered most even sometimes imprisoned of jail at his or her rights injustices also encourage people to steal into their offices, so if we are to achieved true Peace and economic development the administration of the court need to be restructured or we can see the police force.

SECONDLY - the problem of high custom taxation this is a hiding factor that leads to high cost prices of commodities.

THIRDLY - Tribalism is another factor that contributes t the suffering of most Sierra Leonean this came about if even you are educated as long as the employer is not the same tribe you will not get the job. This makes most youths became unemployed and most of them went into the bush and work in unity with the rebel thinking that by doing so they will succeed.

THE FOURTH factor is the low level of education as not everyone has the rights to education the poor man son and daughter will not have access to education. Education become by privilege` not as rights.

THE FIFTH FACTOR – is the poor administration into all health centers with heavy taxation because heavy taxes of money this leads to the suffering of the poor man and later die.

THE SIXTH factor is the low scale of Salary and also this salary is not paid on time this leads most family to suffering

THE SEVENTH factor is centralization. This does not access to national opportunity there is the need to decentralize

THE EIGHTH factor is the less consideration of agriculture sector, most Sierra Leonean depend on import of commodities because farmers in the provinces have not consider as contributors towards national development.

THE NINTH factor is the problem of transparency and Accountability this most be in place by abiding with the said conditions the vision summery we will succeed in space of five year If  we have to enjoy everlasting peace and national development the following sector need to be consider and restructure properly in order the vision for Sierra Leone to become true.

1. There must be no corruption in court and else where to avoid bribing.
2. No tribalism
3. To emphasize on free education
4. Access for the poor to health centers
5. improved of scale of salary and paid out time
6. The need to decentralize the country

To improve the religious sectors and organization which is the doctors to mend the wounds in the heart of people in order to reconcile and forgive all those who have done bad to all Sierra Leonean.

Finally there must be a room for foreigners to head some administration to restructure such departments as now the police force is restructured.

Places need to restructured for two 2 years

1. The National Port  i.e. Water qua for free port
2. Health Department
3. Agriculture
4. Judiciary
5. Education etc.

By working according to all what is containing to the above condition we will succeed both peace and development.

6. To improve the Agriculture sector in the provinces by supplying farmers seeding tools and food for workers
7. To Create employment for the youths to avoid larceny and stealing
8. Low taxes for investors both citizens and foreigners
9. To create industries for various commodities
10. The special court and the TRC to work with the need of the people of Sierra Leone and the special court work in unity with the TRC to forget everything and turn to a new page that s to national development.